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It is almost Thanksgiving and I am missing home some. The gathering of family and friends. More food than one needs, but it is so delicious. Since Thanksgiving is an American holiday it is just another day here in China. I am thankful for my family back home. I miss you all.  I am also thankful for Tai being in my life. She has been a blessing in many ways for me.

A few days ago I discovered a connection to Changchun on Facebook. It appears to be an entertainment/event online magazine for Changchun that is on FB. Seemed a bit odd since FB is banned in China. The Facebook page is called changchunlive  and has a link to its website. Who knew!! This is nice. I can see if or when they are having events that might be of interest to Americans. Right off, I found I missed a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant in Changchun. They were not accepting any more reservations by the time I found out about the dinner. The restaurant has been doing a special American Thanksgiving dinner for 6 years now. Next year (marking calendar) to attend and give Tai a little indulgence on one of our holidays.

The Advertisement Read: Changchun’s best Thanksgiving dinner, now in its 6th year at Grandpa’s. Come join your friends to celebrate this traditional holiday. The best ingredients available will be used to create this dinner, using imported turkeys. Derek and Downtown David will prepare this dinner with care. This is a sit-down dinner with a buffet with second plates for the asking. Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all!

A ticket is needed for this dinner. Early discount, purchase tickets before November 18th and the price is ¥180 After November 18th, the price of the dinner is ¥198

The price in US dollars is from $26 to $28.70.

Immigration Board

Yesterday we ventured to the Chinese Immigration Board which is a pretty good distance. It took about 15-20 minutes by taxi. And cost 14 Yuan (about $2.00 in American dollars, cheap) I had been anxious to go and apply for my resident permit permit that would extend my visa up to two additional years. Unfortunately, I am going to have to wait until February 2017 to go back to apply for my resident permit. They said I needed to wait and apply just before my allotted time (6 months) on my current visa expired. I have a one year visa with multiple entries. However, the longest I can stay for any one visit is 6 months. It gives me until the end of February of 2017. At least I got the application to complete.

All was not lost. While at the Immigration Board, Tai applied for her Passport while we were there –  it took only two weeks (compared to the 5 weeks it took for mine) after applying, for Tai to receive her Passport. She is very excited. She really wants to travel and see the United States. I hope she won’t be disappointed. So much hurt in America right now. She has hopes of us living in the USA.

immigration board
People’s Square

 The People’s Square in Changchun is the central point of the city, with People Street, Xi’an Avenue, Changchun Street and Minkang Street as its radial streets. People usually come together to celebrate festivals and enjoy weekends in the People’s Square of Changchun.

After finishing up at the Immigration Board, we decided to take a walk since we were so close to People’s Square. Unfortunately, the central area of the park was petitioned off as it appeared renovations and construction were underway. We did walk around the perimeter and visited the business areas. I still have not figured out this city’s layout. I would say from a population standpoint it is about the size of New York City. There are over 7 million people living in Changchun.

Besides the Immigration Board being in close proximity, surrounding People’s Square are several busy districts with banks, hotels, restaurants, businesses and shopping malls. I am in awe at the size (some 8 stories high) and quality of their malls. The area we explored was highly active with many people moving about. I noticed a subway entrance and wondered how convenient that might be for us. I will see if that mode of transportation is feasible on our next trip to the Immigration Board. I believe Tai does not venture often from home to other parts of the city. If she does she tends to take a taxi as her choice of transportation. Or the above ground light rail system. We left one mall and literally crossed the street into a completely different mall. Amazing how many outside shops and restaurants occupy this city. Stores and restaurants in alleyways. Many snuggled into small nooks and crannies that have been there for generations. 

Yinshi Fuyide Roasted Chicken Shop

Mid-afternoon came upon us on this sunny fall day as my body started it’s internal growl announcing it was time to eat. We had walked away from the shopping mall area and seemed to be amid several fast food restaurants. One such restaurant, Yinshi Fuyide Roasted Chicken ShopMost Famous Red-Cook Chicken Daokou Style is a well-known chicken eatery, like KFC in America. It is a takeout eatery with no dining room. You just walk up to an outside window and order. All kinds of cooked chicken (nothing that looks like southern fried was available) are displayed in the windows including cooked chicken feet. Yes, they eat the meat all the way down to the skinny little chicken feet. Sorry, not going to happen in my lifetime to eat chicken “feet.” The place had a long line and it appeared to be moving at the speed of a turtle. While she was waiting I took time playing tourist, snapping picture after picture. Looking over to Tai I could see she was a bit impatient as we were both hungry. I was more than happy to point out the KFC across the street that provided warm indoor accommodations. I have been wanting some resemblance of America style food, even if it was at KFC. Thankfully, Tai welcomed the suggestion and we quickly made our way across the street. It was a delicious treat and a nice retreat from rice and Chinese meals. While I enjoyed this meal there was something different with the taste.  I guess the Colonel left a few of his secret ingredients back in America. We did go back to the Chinese chicken eatery so Tai could pick up some chicken and a dessert for later. While I was happy buying extra KFC to take home.

Our outing after leaving the Immigration Board and going to People’s Square came to an end after lunch. For me, walking a little over 3 miles, doing a some sight-seeing and discovering more of Changchun, my feet needed rescuing. It was a great day with plenty of sun and just a little fall chill in the air.  If you click on the photo below, it will take you to the gallery to see pics of our day.

Have a great day everyone. 

Immigration Board
View near People’s Square



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