Unexpected Journey in China

My Journey Not As I Planned


September 3, 2016, one year ago at this time (6:50 pm China time) my plane was descending for arrival at Longjia International Airport. It would be the start China Journeyof a life of uncertainty, excitement, and trepidation as I entered a world so different from everything I have ever known. As I made my plans to begin a life in a new and challenging relationship. Behind the scenes, God was directing the steps of this journey that until recently I did not see or understand. I saw a relationship, a hope in love and a future with a woman who I would experience new and exciting memories. And this has been true. My relationship is wonderful and exciting. But God has blessed me in ways only He can. His word fills me everyday. And teaching that word to a Chinese person with no knowledge of God or His Son, Jesus has been a journey into itself. God has been testing me with patience in my relationship and teaching. And while the beginning had its bumps and twists and turns, After some trying times, I have been blessed with being able to show a patient understanding in my learning, teaching and relationship. We have attended a Christian church here in Changchun which is one mile walking distance from us. It is an interesting format for services there. I wear an ear piece as someone is translating the words spoken, Tai has not yet felt that comfortable in the church service because she is not understanding much is being shared/taught. But she is willing to learn.. That is where teaching at home has been important for us, I know in my heart God has brought me to China for a greater purpose than the relationship with Tai I seek. I spend a great deal of time doing in-depth study of Bible, verse by verse. I write a weekly blog on faith and knowing God’s word called . It is translatable into Chinese and I am gaining a Chinese following. I know I have many imperfections and there are people who know more about the Bible than I do. But God has shown me how to have patience as the Holy Spirit teaches me all the things I need to know and gives me utterance to speak boldly with conviction to those who will hear. As my ability to speak Chinese improves, God will move me into the next phase I believe He has set for me. That is to be active in spreading the Gospel to those He has chosen to hear the word here, Time is running out and while today is still today I will share God’s word with those who need to hear the truth and receive God’s salvation through their faith in Jesus..So this is my mission and my desire. There are only so many today’s left to turn your life around. What about making that decision today while it is still today. For tomorrow the opportunity may be gone. As believers we all share the same path.





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